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    Optimized Routing & Scheduling
    Move beyond paper-based systems and spend less time preparing schedules with automated scheduling and dispatch.


    GPS Capabilities & Enhanced Visibility
    Reveal interfaces with Google Maps to hold drivers accountable to schedules and allow for real-time traffic updates for route changes, pick-up and drop-off geocoding to improve location accuracy, and immediate trip reassignment when a dispatcher is alerted that a driver is running late for a pick-up.
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    Enhance your business
    Improve your business with All-in-one management software. live GPS, GPS histories, travel scheduling, billing management, tracking the drivers drive hours and more

    Save Expense

    All-In-One software
    The All-in-one Greenlight platform improves the efficiency of trip entry and scheduling, and offers real-time service monitoring to allow for timely adjustments.

    Save Time

    Reduce scheduling complexity
    To best insert trips into your schedule, Greenlight platform analyzes your daily routes—including any standing order trips—to identify where single-reservation trips, will calls, or last minute pick-ups fit into existing schedules, allowing for optimized route efficiency.
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